swiss unihockey has also set itself a great goal alongside the playing field for the Men’s WFC 2022 in Zurich und Winterthur. The final round in 2022 will be the first climate neutral World Floorball Championship in history. This Green Goal can be reached with creative and innovative measures in different areas as well as with the cooperation of our fans, partners and sponsors.  

A world championship is always the publicity poster for a sport, but the Men’s World Floorball Championship 2022 should also be the shining light of a sustainable major event. For this to happen, you need new and innovative measures, with a big added dose of creativity. The measures can be divided up into five main categories: Arena OperationsTeam Travel and Accommodation, Fan Travel, Food at the Venue as well as Material Purchasing and WasteOn the whole, the WFC 2022 should have CO2 emissions totaling a maximum of 3000 tonsThat is less than half of the total CO2 emissions of the WFC 2018. These emissions will be compensated by investing in some of myclimate’s various climate projects 

This kind of ambitious goal needs eager and committed allies. Together with our partners and sponsors, we are looking for new solutions and extraordinary ideas. There are endless possibilities, from innovative product recycling to sustainably manufactured clothing for our volunteers. Visitors to the event can also make a significant contribution. We want to provide ways to do this so that everyone can help us reach our Green Goal and, in the best case, also create added value. This means working towards this goal together and having fun at the same time! So why travel to the event alone by car when the floorball festival can already begin in the special chartered fan train? In addition, the train will stop almost in front of the arena, and the ride is also cheaper than taking your car. 

You can read all about our ambitious sustainability goal and the planned measures under Green Goal.


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