Next weekend, April 29 and 30, the Americas qualifiers for the World Floorball Championships 2022 in Switzerland will be held in Fort Worth (TX, USA). The decision will be made in a first and second leg. In addition to the WFC qualifier, the Texas Open Tournament will also be held on the same weekend.

The weekend of April 29 and 30 in Fort Worth, Texas, is all about floorball. On the two days, USA and Canada will play for the qualification for the World Floorball Championships 2022 in Zurich and Winterthur. For this purpose, the IFF provided the Gerflor floorball surface.

However, the WFC qualification is not the only floorball event this weekend. In addition, the Texas Open will take place, for which a maximum of 12 teams can register. This tournament will also be played on the Gerflor surface. The event will be rounded out with a performance by country singer Robin English and other side events.

Both qualifiers will be broadcast by ESPN+ and local media. Viewers from Europe can watch the matches on the IFF’s Youtube channel.

The team that wins both games qualifies. If each team wins one game, the difference in goals counts. If this is also the same after both games, an overtime of maximum 10 minutes or until a goal is scored will be played. If no goal is scored in overtime, the game will be decided by penalty shootout.


29.04.2022, 19:00 CAN – USA (UTC-5)
30.04.2022, 19:00 USA – CAN (UTC-5)

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