The ambitious sustainability goal of the World Floorball Championships 2022, the Green Goal, should also inspire floorball clubs to think about their impact and make a contribution. Swiss club “Unihockey Basel Regio” has taken up this topic and will already implement a first measure in the coming season.  

In February, swiss unihockey called on Swiss clubs to submit their ideas and plans on how to reduce their carbon footprint. The best ideas will be presented and awarded on the occasion of the Green Goal Day on Thursday, November 10.  

The club “Unihockey Basel Regio”, which has just been promoted to the highest Swiss league, was was inspired to participate. Board member Patrick Mendelin sees potential for savings in several areas: “In match operations or catering, but also in materials and transport, we can do something about CO2 emissions,” he says. “The first thing we will do is travel with every performance team at least once by public transport to an away game.” In the past, Basel teams already traveled to away games by public transport from time to time. However, the planning of the journey was always up to the team manager. “The Green Goal Award has now inspired us to implement this fixed for every performance team at least once,” explains Mendelin, “so we can make a first small contribution to reducing CO2.”  

Its not always necessary to make big changes to have a positive impact. In living a more sustainable way, small changes like travelling by public transport instead of taking the car, are having a positive impact on the CO2 emissions.  

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