The 14th Men’s World Floorball Championships starts on Saturday 5 November with top matches and a spectacular opening show. Before the Swiss team enters the Swiss Life Arena for the first time, the performance of the official WFC song will provide a colourful spectacle and Swiss Federal Councillor and Minister of Sports Viola Amherd will personally greet the fans.

The successful inauguration of the Swiss Life Arena on 18 October gave an impressive idea of how everything is in place and ready for the big Floorball Festival from 5 to 13 November. This WFC offers world class floorball at both venues that will start in the very first few minutes of the first matches: In Winterthur, world champion Sweden will be playing the opening match against Germany, whilst in Zurich, the Czech Republic and Latvia will duel against each other. Will the secret favourite Czech Republic with superstar Filip Langer lead the start of the tournament or will Latvia surprise us all, just like after their win against the Swiss national team at this year’s World Games?

After this very promising start, things will get a bit more formal. During the opening celebrations, thirty-six dancers will transform the Swiss Life Arena into a colourful extravaganza, accompanying the   official WFC song “Gold”, written by the Winterthur singer Andryy. As a highlight, Federal Councillor Viola Amherd will personally greet the spectators in the arena. With the Minister of Sport looking on, our national team will then get the tournament going, and head against Norway to stir up the arena for the first time for the 8000 excited fans. The demand for tickets was so great that the upper spectator ring level was also opened.

Tickets for the opening day, the second match day with the top match of Switzerland against Finland as well as all for the other match days are available here.

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