#WFC2022 in Zurich and Winterthur is in full swing, with the best floorball players from around the globe leaving their souls on the field. Anid while delivering top performance, amazing their fans (who are following live the action on app.floorball.sport), the athletes enjoy a special support during the matches in Zurich and Winterthur.

25 000 schoolkids are attending from Monday to Friday the Floorball Party of the year, cheering up for their favourites. And if you think that only team Switzerland “is benefiting” from this support, you are mistaken. The young floorball fans are showing the floorball community that their support goes to the sport and its values of friendship in general, while waiving flags of Poland, Thailand, Philippines and others.

“I came here because I really want to know who will win. I walked in on the field with one of the players, in the beginning of the players. And today I cheer for them – Go, team Poland!,” one of the schoolkids says.

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