At the WFC 2022, we want to fill the arenas with a total of 150,000 excited fans and make it a fantastic floorball festival. But before they can cheer the teams, the fans first have to be able to get to the arena. With emissions of 2,116 tons of CO2 at the WFC 2018, this was one of the largest items on the environmental balance sheet. Even if our goal is to reduce this range for the WFC 2022 by around 33% (700 tons), it will still make up the larger part of the total CO2 emissions, with projected emissions of 1,400 tons. We are counting on the help of our fans here! We intend to promote travel to the event by public transport. Every car that stays in the garage will help us reach our Green Goal.

Both venues can be easily reached by public transport. The ride by public transport within the canton of Zurich (ZVV) is already included in the WFC ticket. For the group games of Switzerland on November 5 and 6 as well as the final weekend on November 12 and 13, we have organized an extra train together with our main sponsor “Die Mobiliar”. This way, the floorball festival can already start on the train and CO2 can already be saved during the journey. The special train departs from Bern directly to Zürich Altstetten via Burgdorf, Herzogenbuchsee, Langenthal, Olten and Aarau. Tickets for the special train are available here.

Transportation for our volunteers and officials also belongs to this category and what counts here, too, is: Public transport first! Whenever this is not possible, we will be counting on electromobility.