Wilhelm Schmidlin AG, the only Swiss manufacturer of bathroom products made of glazed titanium steel, will not only be a supplier but also the “Presenting Partner Penalties” of the World Floorball Championships 2022 in Switzerland.

With around 90 employees at its production site in Oberarth (SZ), the long-established family business manufactures a wide variety of bathtubs, shower trays, shower surfaces, washbasins, urinals, kitchen backsplashes and whiteboards.

Going to the penalty bench is no pleasure for any player. At the WFC 2022, however, it will at least be more spectacular than usual, as the player will take a seat on a specially converted bathtub from Schmidlin. “We are enormously pleased to welcome Schmidlin as a new partner in the floorball family. We are also sure that the extraordinary penalty benches will be an eye-catcher of the World Championships and will be remembered for a long time”, says Daniel Kasser, Managing Director of the World Championships.

Beat Wullschleger, third generation owner and managing director of Schmidlin, leads the traditional family business

“As a former floorball player and long-time official, I am particularly pleased to be able to present our brand at the WFC 2022. With the freestanding bathtubs converted into penalty benches, we can also demonstrate our specialty – making products to measure – in an unconventional way.”

By the way, the penalty benches will be used for the first time at the Men’s Euro Floorball Tour, which will take place from September 2-4 in St. Gallen.

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