The WFC 2022 Patronage Committee brings together personalities from politics and sports who have already been infected with the floorball fever and are convinced that the Men’s World Floorball Championships in Switzerland will be the next big milestone for Swiss floorball. The patronage committee is led by Federal Councillor Viola Amherd, who has assumed patronage.

The chairwoman


«With their extraordinary performance at the WFC 2019 in Neuchatel, the Swiss national women’s team showed most impressively that floorball can get Switzerland excited. The success story of this dynamic sport will certainly continue in 2022. I am convinced that, following its motto “Floorball unlimited”, the WFC will again make everyone enthusiastic and thrilled and that we will enjoy a great floorball festival.» 




The patronage committee


«We are proud to welcome the world’s biggest floorball event, the Men’s World Floorball Championships, to Switzerland and are convinced that this will take the entire sport of floorball in Switzerland another big step forward. Go Switzerland!» 





«Floorball has undergone an enormous development in recent years. Together with the Swiss sports family, we are looking forward to the next milestone here in Switzerland and are already saying “Hopp Schwiiz!»





«It’s fantastic to see how floorball can move the public – whether it’s by cheering them on or actively playing. This has been shown at previous events and will also be evident at the WFC 2022. I am convinced that this event will inspire Switzerland and give the development of the sport a new boost.»




«As a former floorball player, I have enjoyed following the development of this sport over the last two decades. The status in the media has developed very positively. I am convinced that many great stories will be written around the 2022 home championship that will move Switzerland.»





«I am extremely pleased that we will be able to host an international event of this popular sport in the canton of Zurich with the Men’s World Floorball Championships 2022. I am looking forward to experiencing floorball fever in the region.»






«Floorball has an extraordinarily high status in Winterthur. We are therefore delighted to welcome the world’s best floorball nations and are convinced that we will be able to put on an unforgettable floorball festival.»





«The city of Zurich is very much looking forward to the Men’s World Floorball Championships 2022 and warmly welcomes fans from all over the world.»