A camera team followed the Swiss national team over the past 11 month to document their journey from the WFC in Helsinki to the WFC in their own country. The documentary is focus on the three WFC Ambassadors Tim Braillard, Luca Graf and Pascal Meier as well as head coach David Jansson.

The hour long documentary following the Swiss National team is now available on youtube with English subtitles. During the last 11 months a camera team followed the Swiss team and their head coach Davis Jansson. They experience intimate scenes in the dressing room, private moments away from the sport, and candid glimpses behind the scenes of the sport. The focus is on stars Luca Graf, Tim Braillard and Pascal Meier, as well as their Swedish coach David Jansson, who explains how he plans to beat Sweden at the World Cup while ice fishing north of his home in Umeå.
Watch the documentary here now with english subtitles.

Men's WFC 2022 Switzerland