On Tuesday, Poland and Australia locked horns in a crucial game which would have sent one of the teams to the playoffs phase, while the other one would have gone directly to the placement matches. And while Floorball often feels like family, related to great friendships built on the field, in the case of both Poland and Australia, we can actually talk about a real brotherhood.

Twins Daniel and Tomas Gartner of Australia and Lucas and Alexander Dahlstrom of Poland competed in this important fixture, giving their best and aiming at achieving the goal. The winner was only one, but the inspirational mood of sharing the #WFC2022 emotion with your sibling, has no price tag to these brothers.

“We were lucky to have each other when we moved to Australia. Floorball definitely connects us as brothers. It’s our major hobby, we love playing together. On the field, we would never give up for each other,” the Gartners say.

“It’s really fun to be playing with your brother. But in the meantime, you always want to make one more goal than your brother, so this pushes you further!” the Dahlstroms mention.

Watch the full interviews with them and learn more how having your brother on your Floorball team can help you become better.

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