The last four tickets to the #WFC2022 quarterfinals were captured by Norway, Germany, Slovakia, and Latvia on Day 5. We have all you need to know about the games right here!

Norway vs. Denmark, 7:6 a.OT. at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

Floorball has it all! And the playoff game between Norway and Denmark proved this right, bringing a whole set of emotions to the two teams. After behind in the score throughout the whole game, Norway snatched the win thanks to “a sudden death”, precisely 32 seconds after the start of the overtime.

Denmark, a supposed favourite in this game, after three victories in the group stage, and Norway – without a victory before today, locked horns in the first game of the day in Swiss Life Arena. The top scorer of the #WCF2022 Mathias Glass and Lukas Eldholm got the ball rolling. However, with the game unfolding, Norway pushed harder. Three minutes before the end of the third period, Patrick Hjemgard brought back the ultimate intrigue in the match, tying the score at 6:6. Team captain, Marius Pedersen got that inspiration booster and finished the game in style, helping Norway clinching the win for 7:6. Proceeding ahead to the quarters, Norway will have to face the reigning world champs of Sweden


Germany vs. Canada, 21:3 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

Germany stormed in their match against Canada, recording their second victory at the competition, stamping their ticket to the quarters where they will meet Finland.
Germany recorded the victory in style, as true leaders on the field, allowing their opponents to record only three goals. The Germans showed true domination on the field as, taking the lead since the very beginning, never looked back, enjoying a true team spirit.
Canada, on the other hand, struggled throughout the whole match, and never found their rhythm.
Statistically, Germany had 35 shots on target (to 25). The Germans showed ‘German precision’ in their attack as 64% of their shots were on target. Janos Broka was chosen as MVP of team Germany (one goal, four assists). For Canada, Jonathan Kuysten grabbed the award (one goal).


Slovakia vs. Poland, 9:1 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

Slovakia overpowered Poland in their play-off encounter 9:1. Slovak MVP Ronald Gašparík struck with savage grace on two strikes and two assists to help catapult his team to the win. Michał Sieńko scored the Polish MVP with his dogged effort and endurance throughout the tough game. This victory elevates Slovakia to face their brotherly rivals Czechia tomorrow in what is sure to be an interesting match.

Latvia vs. Estonia, 19:00 at the AXA Arena Winterthur

The team from Latvia down their neighbors from Estonia thanks to a strong performance in the third period. Arto Riihimaki’s men came back from a 1:2 deficit after 40 minutes to outpower their old rivals in the all-Baltic derby. This comeback with four unanswered goals was due to the cold-blooded strikers Janis Ragovskis and Rolands Kovalevskis, who both added two goals to the tally. Now, the Latvians will face the local heroes from Switzerland in what promises to be an epic clash in the quarterfinals on Thursday.


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