Floorball fans around the globe can look forward to a breath-taking Day Six at the #WFC2022 with many promising games and the first two quarterfinal games featuring the two group winners Switzerland and Sweden. You want to stay posted? Then we have all you need to know right here!

Australia vs. Singapur, 7:4 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

Australia outplayed Singapore in the first placement match of the day at the Swiss Life Arena. The Aussies will play for the 13th place at the #WFC2022, while Singapore will battle it out for the 15th.
The two teams played a cat-and-mouse game in the first two periods, finishing at 4:4 before entering the decisive part of the match.
It was the players of head coach Seppo Pulkkinen who seized their chances in these important moments (three goals). Hot shot Daniel Gartner stole the show, finishing as top scorer with three goals and one assist, grabbing the MVP award of his team. Wee Guan Nicholas Chua of Singapore was named Best player of his team (four assists).

Thailand vs. Philippines, 10:6 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

Thailand continued its winning streak against the other SE-Asian teams with its 10:6 victory over Philippines. The Filipinos fought especially strong in the second period, going from 0 to score four points, but it ultimately wasn’t enough to overcome the Thai zeal for victory. Thai MVP Prakasit Namsawang helped his team by scoring a shattering goal and an assist. Fredrik Jeppsson Escabel scored a graceful assist and showed an overall dogged determination for the Filipino Team. The tumultuous game had AXA stadium enthralled with hand-made signs and chants.

Poland vs. Estonia, 4:9 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

Estonia proved better than Poland in the placement match for 9th-12th place at the World Floorball Championship. This way, Estonia will fight for the 9th position in the final rankings of the #WFC2022, while Poland couldn’t improve their best performance so far (9th place in 2010), and will have to battle it out for the 11th position.
The two teams chased each in other in the first period, finishing at 2:2. However, after the break, the Estonian team, who yesterday lost their playoff to Latvia, entered much more focused on the field. The players of Risto Lall scored five goals in a row, which was enough for the final win. Poland, on the other hand, reacted in the third period, but it was too late for them to turn the tables. Showing precision in their passing (50% to 36%) played a crucial role for the Estonian win.
Alexander Dahlberg of Estonia contributed a lot for his team’s win, and deservedly was named Best Player. For Poland, the award was gifted to Mateusz Sadolewski.

Canada vs. Denmark, 4:8 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

Denmark triumphed over Canada in a victory which for a time seemed like within grasping reach for underdogs Canada. While Denmark slammed Canada with six goals in the first period, Canada brought it to 4:6 by the second. But Denmark wrapped up the third by scoring two more points, giving them a distanced win of 4:8. Valtteri Viitakoski scored half of Canada’s goals and secured himself the MVP with his aggressive seizure of rare opportunities. MVP Denmark’s Eddie Sandberg was a vital all-rounder for the Danes, scoring one goal himself and assisting in three more. Canada gave a sporting defensive effort, but it was ultimately not enough to overcome the Danish ferocity.

Switzerland vs. Latvia, 3:1 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

Switzerland stamped their tickets to the Semis of the World Floorball Championship 2022 in front of their fans, after prevailing over Latvia in the first quarter-final of the day.
The home heroes started off better in the game, taking a 2:0 lead after the first period. Latvia came back, breathing down their opponents’ necks in the second (scoring one), but a goal by Manuel Maurer sealed the deal for the Swiss.  Statistically, Switzerland had 17 shots on target, while Latvia finished with 10. The Latvians had more blocked shots – 16 to 12, and 14 saves (to nine).
Noel Seiler of Switzerland was chosen for MVP of his team (one goal), while for Latvia the award was given to Janis Salcevics


Sweden vs. Norway, 18:2 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

Sweden dominated Norway in their quarter final, like a well-oiled machine scoring a steady six points per period. Swedish MVP Hampus Ahrén guided the team to victory with five assists and one goal. Norwegian MVP Patrick Hjemgårdseized an opportunity to score a goal on the steel Swedes, but ultimately these efforts could not sway the quickly-cementing outcome between these two nordic powerhouses. The 18:2 game formed Norway’s hardest loss to Sweden in years.

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