Day 7 of the #WFC2022 was packed with action with four teams locking horns for the two remaining spots in the semi-finals. You want to know how your favourites were doing? We have all you need to know right here.

Australia vs. Thailand, 6:5 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

Australia finish 13th at the World Floorball Championship 2022 as on Friday they clinched a 6:5 victory over Thailand. The Asian-Oceanian derby turned out to be a real spectacle for the fans of Floorball in Swiss Life Arena and the ones following live on
The two teams delivered a high-class performance,

Australia and Thailand were constantly changing the leadership position in the game. The Thai started better in the first period, but as many as three goals by the Aussies in the second one turned out to be crucial for the final outcome in the game.
Liam Perry became the hero for his team, scoring the winning goal down to the wire of the third period (two seconds before going into overtime).
Perry was acknowledged as MVP of his team, finishing with three goals and one assist. For Thailand, Surapong Sangmongkhol finished as Best player (two assists).

Canada vs. Poland, 5:6 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

Poland and Canada sparred in a heartwrenching duel for 11th place. From the onset Poland was half a step ahead of the Canadians, with their North-American opponents playing an untiring step-for-step catch up to their goals, until they closed a two point gap in P3 and reached a draw in P3 at seven goals. But Poland’s history of scoring first proved the case in the sudden death-overtime: Poland needed only a second of inattention for Jan Rydewski to seize the decisive goal with assist from Kacper Skura. Defender Sadolewski Łukasz earned Poland MVP for not letting the Canadians eclipse their rapid attacks. Canada forward Buck Cameron also won MVP for his dogged attempts and successes at the goal and support. Young fans near the benches cheered ear-splittingly in a tense OT. Ultimately Poland won 11th place in the tournament with Canada in 12th


Singapore vs. Philippines, 5:6 OT at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

In their most exciting game at the WCF2022, Singapore and the Philippines battled it out for the 15th place. The only two teams that were winless before their final encounter at the competition, fought hard until the very last moment of the match. Both sides were neck and neck throughout the whole match, constantly changing the leadership position.
Going into overtime, Philippines, led by Melvin Alm Mendoza, found their way to the winning goal (scored by Fredrik Jeppsson Escabel) and recorded their first victory at the competition.
Ludvig Hemmingberg Porral was named MVP of his team (contributing with a goal and assist); while for Singapore the award was handed to Tze Wen Thaddeus Tan (two goals).

Denmark vs. Estonia, 4:5 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

Estonia carved a narrow win in a quickly accelerating game against Denmark. The teams drew their lines in the sand and locked horns for the first two periods, with the score being only 0-1 Estonia by the end of P2. But a surge of momentum catapulted both teams to score 4 points in P3, where Estonia’s single goal from P2 was the shield to protect them from over-time.
The MVPS of the match were both the resolute goalkeepers: Rainer Kalde claimed MVP for Estonia, while Mike Trolle earned MVP for Denmark,. The grit and instinct both men had for the win is obvious in the nearly two periods that the game spent at 0-0.
It’s an auspicious win for Finland, whose tattooed captain and defender, Roman Pass, participated in his last match as a player– his 20th year in the men’s WFC. As stated in interviews, the players’ goal for this match against Denmark was to give their captain a send-off they could be proud of.


Czechia vs. Slovakia, 9:4 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

Czechia secured their spot at the semi-finals of the 2022 World Floorball Championship after outclassing Slovakia in the third quarter-final.
The Czech showed better class than their opponents, scoring three goals in the first period (to only one by their opponents). Although the Slovak tried to keep up with the rhythm of their opponents, they couldn’t find the proper response to the Czech fast attacks, given that the possession of the ball was almost equal – 49% to 51% for Slovakia.
Overall, Czechia had 34 on target shots, while Slovakia recorded 15. With 59% precision, Czechia could seize their all their chances.
Matej Havlas of Czechia was awarded Best player of his team (two goals). For Slovakia, it was once again Michal Dudovic who performed the best – receiving the MVP award with one goal to his name.


Finland vs. Germany, 11:2 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

Vice world champions, Finland did not have any problems in their quarter-final game against Germany. The players around head coach Petteri Nykky dominated completely on the field, not leaving any chances to their opponents.
Only in the beginning of the match were the teams neck to neck (1:1 until the 10th minute). After that, Finland held the aces, and controlled the game. Germany struggled on all counts, with Michel Wöcke scoring the second (and last) goal for the Germans after a successful penalty.
The numbers behind Finland’s win also speak about their outstanding performance – 25 shots on target (to 14 for Germany), 49% precision (to 44%) and 63% balls possession.
Eeemeli Akola of Finland was chosen for his team’s MVP, while for Germany the award was gifted to Tino Von Pritzbuer


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