On Saturday, August 28, 2021, the first edition of the Mobiliar Street Floorball Tour took place in Winterthur at the Platz Technikum. 15 teams played in two categories (CONCORDIA Family Cup and Mixed), not only for attractive prizes and fame and glory, but also for fun.

The field in front of the Technikum in Winterthur was teeming with excited and laughing children, as well as good-humored youths and adults on Saturday. On two fields, teams of young and old competed for the first time in a street floorball tournament. On the third field, passers-by were allowed to spontaneously have fun with floorball sticks and balls. At the Mobiliar and CONCORDIA stands, everyone was able to test their skills with the stick or their reaction time between matches. The ice cream and cotton candy stand was also very popular, especially with the younger ones. After all, there is nothing better than strengthening yourself with a refreshing ice cream between two intense street floorball matches.

The rankings of the first Mobiliar Street Floorball Tour:

Mixed categorie

  1. Schwirz
  2. Angst Pottahhh?
  3. Glattal Blauwal
  4. Hockey Rockets
  5. Ingesianer

CONCORDIA Family Cup, Group 1

  1. Chügelispicker
  2. Min Favorit
  3. Die Glorreichen 7
  4. Je-der
  5. UHC Bänninger

CONCORDIA Family Cup, Group 2

  1. Fanta 5
  2. Trotti Power
  3. Die Flippers
  4. Tösstal Pumas
  5. Pappvögel

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