A major event like the World Floorball Championships is only made possible by the efforts of many volunteers. To ensure that the volunteers are immediately recognizable to visitors, officials and teams, they wear special clothing. Werk5, in cooperation with Switcher, will be a partner of the WFC 2022 and will equip the volunteers with sustainably produced clothing.

The approximately 3,000 volunteers at the World Floorball Championships 2022 in Switzerland will wear comfortable and well-fitting garments in the WFC-design during the event. Werk5 will provide the volunteers as well as the employees of the organizing committee with high-quality, sustainably produced T-shirts, sweaters and jackets. All the clothing worn by the volunteers is made of a blend of recycled polyester and recycled cotton, which is obtained from “waste” from textile production. Switcher operates its own PET recycling plant. The energy for this is obtained from windmills and a solar power plant. All these measures save up to 95% of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the production process also uses less energy (-78%) and less drinking water (-99%). Nevertheless, the clothes are comfortable to wear and of high quality.

Tom Schütz from the company Werk5 has been involved in the sustainable production of textiles for 25 years, “It is important to me that the textiles are produced under fair conditions and as environmentally friendly as possible. For us, the WFC 2022 is both a challenge and a stroke of luck. In this project, we can contribute our knowledge in the field of special textile productions with a sustainable background and show it to a broad public.”

“When looking for a partner for the clothing of the volunteers, it was important to us that the sustainable and fair production of the garments is central,” says Daniel Kasser, Managing Director of the WFC in Switzerland, “With Werk 5, we have found the right partner and look forward to seeing the volunteers in November in the colorful garments.”


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