On Tuesday, 18th October the first game of the ZSC Lions took place in their new home, the Swiss Life Arena. But only 2 week later the brand new arena will transform into a Floorball Arena for the upcoming WFC 2022.

Tuesday, 18th October was a much-anticipated day for the ice hockey club ZSC Lions but also for the organizing committee of the World Floorball Championships 2022 in Switzerland. The Swiss Life Arena, which will be one of the two locations for the WFC, is brand new and was put to the test for the first time with a big audience. 12’000 spectators attended the big opening to watch an ice hockey game. But only 18 days later the Swiss Life Arena will be transformed from an ice hockey stadium to a Floorball Arena. Floorball fans can look forward to a state-of-the-art arena which will offer a great atmosphere.

You’ll find more infos on how to get to the arena and how to enter here.



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