The Floorball stars treated the over 13,000 fans that flocked to the games on Day 2 of the #WFC2022 with Floorball at its finest. Most of all fans from Switzerland got their money’s worth as the hosts book their first win over 2020 silver medallists from Finland in over 18 years.

Sweden vs. Latvia, 11:2 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

Sweden surge in their defence of their championship title against Latvia on Sunday with a 11:2 rout of Latvia. Solid progress throughout the periods was made by Sweden, with three goals in First, five in Second, and three in Third. MVP Malte Lundmark secured two graceful goalshots and two assists, while for Latvia, Rolands Kovalevskis swept doggedly through with Team MVP. Sweden remains undefeated with strong leads as of day two in the Championship.

Finland vs. Switzerland, 5:7 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

Supported by their loyal fans in Swiss Life Arena in Zurich, the home heroes from Switzerland seized their first victory at the #WFC2022. After a rocky start in their opener against Norway, on Sunday the players of head coach David Jansson disappointed the team of Finland, outclassing them at 7:5.
10 359 fans of Floorball enjoyed the spectacle in the first game for the day in Group A. To their delight, their favourites took control over what was happening on the field since the beginning, leading at 3:0. Despite the Finns’ attempts to tie the score (two goals in a row), relying a lot on their attackers, Switzerland could keep up with their rhythm, and seized all their important chances.
Michael Schiess of Switzerland with one goal and three assists was named MVP of his side, while for Finland, Mikko Leikkanen grabbed this award, contributing with one goal and one assist.

Germany vs. Czech Republic, 6:8 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

Czechia clinched an 8:6 win over Germany in Winterthur. While the early game was particularly brutal on German defence, a swift upsweep in the 3rd period delivered five of the Germans’ goals to add drama to the score. As the expected underdog, pressure was high on German goalkeeper Lemke Jan to deliver solid saves, a feat for which he was awarded German MVP. But the actions of Czech offence, including Adam Delong, who was awarded Czech MVP for a stunning goal and three assists, were too overpowering to be sustained. The Czechs have won both their games thus far in the tournament, with the Germans still in need of a victory.

Slovakia vs. Norway, 7:6 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

In a complete Floorball thriller, Slovakia outperformed Norway, claiming their first victory at the Championship. The teams were chasing each other throughout the whole match, delivering ups and downs in their performance. First, Norway scored three goals in a row, but Slovakia came back in an impressive way, recording six goals. Michal Dudovic, who later grabbed the MVP award, was on fire in these moments. Despite Norway’s attempts to turn the tables, and two goals in the last minutes of the match, Slovakia secured the win. Dudovic finished with three goals and three assists. For Norway, Markus Lindgjerdet took the award for Most Valuable Player, contributing with some key actions.

Australia vs. Denmark, 6:2 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

Denmark finished victorious over Australia in what began as a close duel in the first period. However, Denmark Forward Mathias Glass chipped away at the endurance of the Autralians, and by the second and third periods, Australia gained momentous ground. Australia MVP and goalkeeper Ryan Alexandrakis withstood the onslaught with a grin as the Danes stepped up their attack. It was the first game of the tournament for both teams, who shall each continue their journeys tomorrow at Swiss Life Arena.

Philippines vs. Poland, 2:9 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

In their first match at the #WFC2022, Philippines and Poland gave their best, trying to outplay the opponent. While amazing the crowds with some spectacular action on the field, their performance was focused on the smart play. After the end of the first period, the teams played very well in defence, not allowing each other to fully show their potential. However, it was team Poland who seized their opportunities in the second period (with goals by Mateusz Antoniak and Michal Sienko). A blistering display in the final third from Poland saw them race clear of the Philippines. Five goals to only one made the difference for the Poles, who seized a victory in their Group D opener!
The Polish team outclassed the opponents on all counts – with 30 shots on target (to 17), 17 blocked (to 8) and total domination in possession of the ball – 58% to 42%.  Lukasz Chlebda played a pivotal role for Poland’s win, taking the MVP award, while for the Philippines it was Melvin Alm Mendoza who deserved the recognition

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