Floorball fans in Winterthur and Zurich once again got their money’s worth at the #WFC2022 as the first group played their long-anticipated final games. We have all you need to know about Day 3 at the #WFC2022 right here!

Singapore vs. Thailand, 7:11 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

In a match played with swift exuberance, Thailand overcame Singapore. While Singapore scored first and gave a dogged counterattack, Thailand pulled solidly ahead with 6 points in the second period. Singaporean Suria R scored 3 of Singapore’s goals, securing him MVP and withholding the Thais from a landslide victory. Thai MVP Pawat Thaidit scored 2 goals and 2 assists which helped Thailand catapult to the top. Swiss schoolchildren packed the stands in their hundreds who greeted the visitors with homemade signs and cheered victors and underdogs alike. Any member who did not already know will have learned the meaning of the Swiss ‘Hop hop!’

Denmark vs. Poland, 6:3 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

A great start to the week for the fans of floorball in Denmark, as their favourites recorded a second victory at the #WFC2022.  Cheered up by their supporters in Swiss Life Arena, the players around head coach Matti Kaipio found the right motivation in crucial moments of the game against Poland, securing the first position in the current standings in Pool D.
The first two periods were highlighted by an intense game, as none of the teams was giving up. It was only in the third period when the Danish team established control on the field, and dominating, scored three goals (while the Poles did so only once). Poland had their chances, but an amazing job by goalkeeper Mike Trolle stopped them on their way to performing better. Trolle was later chosen MVP of his team, while for the Poles, the award was presented to Kacper Skura (who finished with one goal to his name).

Estonia vs. Canada, 13:5 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

Estonia won handily in a clash of these two cold-weather countries, more than doubling the Canadian points in every period. Shots were roundly scored by each of the Estonian forwards, with Patrik Kareliusson nabbing MVP with 2 graceful scores and assists. Canadian MVP Valtteri Viitakoski scored two swift goals to gain the MVP. With a rout like this, Estonia continues to bare its ambition in entering the top 8.



Australia vs. Philippines, 6:2 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

Australia delivered the ultimate comeback of Day 2 in Swiss Life Arena. Losing at 0:2 after the first period, the Aussies came back on the field with a completely changed mindset and attitude. Christian Newland and Tomas Gartner scored, tying the score at the end of the second period. In the last 20 minutes of the fixture, the players of head coach Seppo Pulkkinen stormed, scoring as many as four goals, seizing the win that brings them back in the game in Pool D. Overall, Australia had more shots on target – 23 to 16 – and had blocked twice more than their opponents – 27 to 13. Philippines, on the other hand, did slightly better in defence – 17 to 14.  Christian Newland was named MVP for Team Australia, contributing for the final win with two goals and one assist. For the Philippines, captain Lucas Ojjvall Perez tried his best, and despite the loss, received the MVP award for his team.

Sweden vs. Czech Republic, 3:3 at the AXA Arena, Winterthur

Sweden and Czechia locked horns in a much anticipated derby. To the delight of the floorball fans around the globe, the teams didn’t disappoint, delivering amazing performance on the field.
Only one goal was scored in the first period as Sweden took the lead thanks to a successful action by Alexander Galante Carlstrom. However, the good job on defence by the Czech couldn’t stop the reigning world champs for long, as five minutes into the first referee whistle of the second period, Linus Nordgren made it 2:0. When it looked like a sure deal for the Swedes, Czechia got a wake-up call, turning the tables to 2:3 in their favour (Matej Jendrisak: man of the hour with two assists). Close to recording a loss at the #WFC2022, Sweden “caught the last train” and equalised, as once again Alexander Galante Carlstrom took the responsibility and delivered a successful shot.
Carlstrom was named MVP of his team, while for the Czech Republic it was LUKAS Bauer.

Latvia vs. Germany, 19:00 at the Swiss Life Arena, Zürich

Despite some inspired actions on the field in their previous games, both Latvia and Germany are yet to record a victory at the #WFC2022. Latvia lost to Czechia and to Sweden, while missed their chances against the same opponents. Fans can be looking forward to a nice battle between two teams who delivering a rather equal performance so far. Latvia can put their hopes in Klavs Jansons, as he has been one of the players, showing good actions, while for team Germany, Michel Wöcke has all it takes to bring the surprise.

House of Floorball

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