In the WFC Blog, we will show you the WFC that no-one else shows you: an unvarnished, critical and direct picture of the lives of its protagonists. Every month, you get to peek into our authors’ thoughts. But who is actually writing the posts?

Daniel Kasser, CEO WFC 2022

The WFC 2022 is not his first rodeo, as the saying goes. He was already the business manager of the WFC 2012 and since then, Daniel has been completely hooked by floorball. After 10 years in the business, six of which as Marketing and Events Manager, he always has some good stories up his sleeve to tell us.


Luca Graf, Captain of the Men’s National Team

Luca has been an established member of the national team since 2013 and shares the role of captain with Tim Braillard. He just moved to Sweden and will be playing for IK Sirius IBK in the upcoming season. Luca is more or less our “foreign correspondent” for the WFC 2022 Blog.


Damian Keller, Chief Editor and Manager

Nobody knows the floorball scene in Switzerland as well as Damian. For 20 years, he has been providing the largest Swiss floorball magazine with the latest news, the hottest stories and the most controversial reports online and offline. In the next months, he will also be tapping the keyboard for the WFC 2022 Blog and will not be holding back with his opinions.


Beni Keller, Team Manager of the Men’s National Team

There is no-one who can feel the pulse of the team better than Beni. He has been the national team manager since May 1, 2021 and makes sure that our players are concentrating on the sport. He will give us interesting peeks into the team and the entire organization surrounding it.


The first “real” blog article will appear soon. You can find all of the blog posts at the WFC Blog.

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