The WFC 2022 is receiving support from politics and sports. Various celebrities have already caught floorball fever and have joined the WFC 2022 Patronage Committee. We are especially pleased that Federal Councillor Viola Amherd is chairing the committee.

Aside from Mrs Amherd, Head of Department of the DDPS, other politicians such as Matthias Remund, Director of FOSPO (Federal Office of Sport), Mario Fehr, Sports Minister of the Canton of Zurich, Jürg Altwegg, Municipal Councillor of Winterthur and Filippo Leutenegger, Municipal Councillor of Zürich are also members of the Patronage Committee. Well-known sports representatives are included amongst the members: The President of Swiss Olympic, Jürg Stahl, and Bernhard Koch, President of the Sports Lottery Association. A former floorball player, Steffi Buchli, Chief Editor of the Sport Blick newspaper group, also belongs to the committee.

With such members on the Patronage Committee, we are pleased to have influential persons on our side who share our enthusiasm for floorball and who carry it on and out to others.

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