The Men’s World Floorball Championships 2022 Qualification events will be played using a modified game format, as part of the Future of Floorball testing.

Similar to the format used at The World Games 2017 and at the Women’s U19 WFC 2020 for some of the group games, the matches at WFCQ will be played with 3 x 15 minutes. In addition, teams will only be allowed a maximum of 17 players and 5 officials.

WFCQ events were not included in the original testing plan but due to the lack of international events over the last 18 months in which the testing could be carried out, it has been necessary to make changes to the testing schedule. The IFF Central Board has decided that the Men’s WFCQ should now be included to the testing for 2022. The updated testing plan will be presented to the IFF General Assembly for their approval in December. Additionally, Member Associations will also be asked to identify other international events, for example the 6 Nations Cup, that they believe could be used for testing.

– With so many teams participating in the WFCQs it is a great opportunity for a much larger number of the Member Associations to be part of the testing. The feedback that we will collect from the event participants will be very beneficial in the review process. Players, coaches, referees, event organisers, and spectators will all have the chance to experience the modified format for themselves which is a big plus, according to Sarah Mitchell, IFF Event Manager.

Match schedule EUR 1

Match schedule EUR 2

Match schedule EUR 3

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