During the last few months, the Mobiliar Street Floorball Tour traveled all over Switzerland. The fun tournament for young and old not only publicized floorball, but also the upcoming Men’s World Floorball Championship 2022 in Zurich and Winterthur. A great deal of equipment had to be moved for each tournament. Thanks to clever transportation solutions by our WFC partner Planzer, those were carried out with a minimum of emissions.

Before the Mobiliar Street Floorball Tour goes to its last venues on August 20 in Basel and September 3 in St. Gallen, participants have been playing for glory and honor during the past months with great joy and enthusiasm on the street floorball fields in six city centers. Each of these fun tournaments not only offered action on the fields, but also lots of other activities all around. During the breaks between matches, the teams as well as passers-by were able to enjoy food and drinks around the three fields and at various stands. The Mobiliar Street Floorball Tour not only whetted people’s appetites for playing floorball, but also helped to promote the Men’s World Floorball Championship 2022 from November 5 to 13 in Zurich and Winterthur.

An event of this size always involves a lot of material. As part of the Green Goal–the sustainability goal of the WFC–the material was to be transported with as few emissions as possible. As a partner of the 2022 World Floorball Championship, Planzer offered the perfect solution: part of the material was stored in one of its logistics halls with a rail connection and, if necessary, transported overnight by rail to the target region. Transport by rail means that moving the material creates far fewer emissions. Distribution to the city center is then carried out by an electric truck, which is completely emission-free.

But it is not only the material for the Mobiliar Street Floorball Tour that Planzer moves to the right place at the right time. Planzer transports the 16 street floorball fields, which are set up at schools and clubs for a few weeks at a time, with as few emissions as possible, proving that clever transport solutions can make a contribution to sustainability.

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