The Men’s World Floorball Championships (WFC) 2022 will be organised in Zurich and Winterthur, Switzerland. The local organising committee (LOC) is investing a lot of time and resources in planning and a major focus is sustainability.

The Swiss Floorball Association has closely followed trends in sustainability and included this in its own plans and ideas. The development has been interlinked with IFF sustainability planning. As an end result they commissioned myclimate, which is also the sustainability partner of the IFF, to become their guide in creating a first ever WFC event in history which is aiming for carbon-neutrality. The exact target numbers in terms of CO2 are still under evaluation.

– It makes a huge difference if fans or teams travel by train instead of flying. Further, a hundred automobiles with individual fans travelling emit far more than two jointly organised fan busesKai Landwehr, Communications Manager at myclimate, explains.

– With a target of 150 000 spectators for the event this also presents a major opportunity to educate the audience on sustainable topics may it be informative brochures and bulletins, or concrete things like donating in-venue bottle deposits for environmental causes. And not to forget the thousands and thousands of people following the event in digital channels!, he continues

The cooperation will cover multiple areas but the first mile stone has been calculating the carbon footprint of the previous Men’s WFC 2018 in Prague which is now finished. This will now serve as a benchmark for all planned and executed measures before and during the 2022 event. Currently the search for partners is already in full gear for all areas but especially in mobility, catering and procurement.

– We really want to make this event stand out and in the end make a real difference. We believe the cooperation with myclimate enables us to create a very special journey for our fans, partners and sponsors towards the end-of-year event in 2022. As part of the project we also plan, in co-operation with the IFF, to compile a Sustainability Manual for IFF Event Organisers. This document helps to identify key topics and also presents concrete examples for implementationDaniel Kasser, Managing Director of the WFC 2022, concludes.

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