On Saturday, September 25, the Mobiliar Street Floorball Tour took place in Zurich on Tubinenplatz. 20 teams played in two categories (CONCORDIA Family Cup and Mixed), not only for attractive prizes and fame and glory, but also for fun.

On Saturday, the Turbinenplatz was teeming with excited and laughing children, as well as good-humored youths and adults. On two playing fields, teams of big and small participants competed in a street floorball tournament. Street Floorball is a simplified version of floorball and takes place outdoors. According to the motto “Reduced to the max” it is played with only three field players and without goalkeepers. There are only as many rules as necessary and the games are not supervised by a referee.

In addition to the tournament in progress, passers-by were also allowed to spontaneously have fun with floorball sticks and balls on a separate playing field. At the Mobiliar and CONCORDIA booths, everyone could test their skills with the stick or their reaction time between matches. There was also something for the physical well-being: Especially the popcorn stand was very popular with young and old.

The continuation of the Mobiliar Street Floorball Tour is planned for next year. Five to eight more tournaments will be held in various cities throughout Switzerland. Information on this will be available at www.mobiliarstreetfloorball.ch from spring 2022.



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